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Nitin Parmar


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“The Linbury Prize is an incredible opportunity for a designer to showcase their vision, capabilities and talent to the industry and the wider audience. I am extremely excited by the new opportunities that it will bring.”

Nitin Parmar, Designer

Nitin Parmar is a multidisciplinary designer and artist and has recently finished an MA in Costume Design for Performance. (UAL). During this period it ignited a desire to create environments, imagery and costume beyond the confines of the conventional, experimenting with merging physical costumes and stage sets with digital or projected imagery.

His work centers around the context of migration, cultural identity, and colonialism, reworking or reinterpreting lost cultural stories or fictional tales.
Other themes include exploring the 'Materiality of Black' and controlled light to create a sense of the real and unreal, choosing to distort the image viewed and create an alternative reality by fusing the physical and the digital.

Prior to pursuing Costume and Set design, he had a successful career within the fashion industry, working within the disciplines of fashion design and brand development.

Nitin lives in London and is of Indian heritage, British by nationality, and was born in Kenya.

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