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The legacy of the Linbury Prize is world renowned in the visual performing arts. Since 1987 participants have gone on to successful careers in stage design on our national and international stages. From The Gate Theatre to Olympic Opening Ceremonies. From the National Theatre to arena world tours and Broadway. The diversity of work is seen across the nation in our proscenium arches, found spaces and site specific work. The opportunity to practise the craft at such a formative moment in the profession has been crucial in accelerating so many who continue to represent the spirit of The Linbury Prize on the world stage. 
‘The Linbury Prize has had an enormous impact on my practice: as a participant, I learned to translate theory into practicality as soon as I finished my studies. Now, as a judge, I have learned so much from the next generation of young designers.’’
Es Devlin OBE, Designer, Linbury Prize Winner 1995
36 Years of The Linbury Prize
for Stage Design
‘Anya Sainbury’s love of theatre design inspired her to create The Linbury Prize 30 years ago. It is a unique and amazing platform, a beacon of opportunity for new design talent. The generations of designers that have been involved are a testament to the singular brilliant vision of its creator.’
Anthony Ward, Designer, Linbury Prize Finalist 1987
The Weekendl, Designer Es Devlin
Paralympics Opening Ceremony, Designer Jon Bausor
Olympic Stadium

‘The Linbury is an incredible opportunity for a young designer to showcase their talent to the industry. The prize provided an amazing kick-start to my career and introduced me to theatres and directors I’ve worked with ever since. I now feel very privileged to serve on the board and help mentor the designers of the future. ‘

Jon Bausor, Designer and Linbury Prize Committee Member, Linbury Prize Finalist 2001

Follies, Designer Vicki Mortimer (Linbury Prize Finalist 1989)
Olivier, National Theatre
TK HAY.png
“The Linbury process affords any designer the rare luxury of resource, context, and support to interrogate and reimagine one's practice.”
TK HAY, Designer, Linbury Prize Winner 2019
Photograph by Johan Persson
(6)Suzy Storck_The Gate_ Helen
Suzy Storck, Designer Cécile Trémolières
The Gate Theatre
Eleanor Bull.png

“The Linbury Prize is an incomparable opportunity for emerging designers, helping you to find and collaborate with some amazing practitioners.”

Eleanor Bull, Designer, Linbury Prize Winner 2017

Photograph by Helen Murray
The Gathering, Designer Louise Ann Wilson
National Theatre of Wales
Linbury 5. The Gathering by Louise Ann W
Cecile Tremoliere.png
"The Linbury gave me exposure and confidence to start my career as a designer. It's a visible platform like no other for a UK graduate and through this,  I could reach out to people I am still working with. I also met with designer friends who are still today part of a supportive and inspirational network I am very grateful for.”
Cecile Trémolières, Designer, Linbury Prize Finalist 2013
Photograph by Joel Fildes
Royal Court.jpg
Living Newspaper, Designer Debbie Duru as part of the Design Collective
Royal Court Theatre
Debbie Duru.png

“Being part of the Linbury Prize has led to opportunities to work as an Associate to wonderful designers like Chloe Lamford and Georgia Lowe. I've learned so much in a relatively short space of time and feel like I've had the best start in the industry to now build from.”

Debbie Duru, Designer, Linbury Prize Finalist 2019

Louise Ann Wilson.png

“Being selected for and taking part in the Linbury Prize gave me self belief and confidence in my abilities as a young designer which in turn helped me step in the my career as a scenographer, performance maker and director. “

Louise Ann Wilson, Designer, Linbury Prize Finalist 1993

Photograph by Isha Shah
36 Years young
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