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Fiona Chivers


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"Winning a Linbury award gave me the opportunity to work really hard at something I loved doing. Being mentored by brilliant artists at the start of my career has shaped the way I approach my creative process today. I was encouraged to take artistic risks as part of an incredible collaborative team."

Fiona Chivers, Designer

Since 1997 I have pursued a very varied career as designer, maker, performer and illustrator. Originally a dancer my background has led to a passion for high-energy physical performance.

I trained at Rose Bruford and was a 1997 Linbury prize winner for Sabina at The Bush. Following this I returned to dancing and performing for several years, pursuing parallel careers. Crazy!
I returned to study M.A Scenography at Central Saint Martins
I have had a wonderful time working in the U.K and internationally creating designs for dance, opera, drama and site specific installation.

I have led workshops for professional artists from a variety of artistic disciplines, children, community groups and was an Associate Lecturer at Plymouth College of Art. I’m a strong believer in the value of the arts as an educational tool. Her teaching experience includes workshops professional artists from a variety of artistic disciplines, festivals, children and community groups.

I have three wild children and I live in Cornwall.

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