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Finlay Jenner

Finlay Jenner is a performance designer and theatre-maker from South London who trained in Theatre and Performance Design at The Liverpool Institute for Performing Arts, graduating in 2023 with a BA Honours degree.

He is particularly drawn to avant-garde and contemporary performance practices. Underlying all his work is the philosophy that it exists to entertain. His design process thrives on playful collaboration and multidisciplinary experimentation. He aspires to work across various fields, including dance, opera and diverse forms of theatre.

Finlay Jenner is a founding member of Macula Doubt, a company creating new works with a design and music-led process.



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A new work By Macula Doubt
The Liverpool Institute of Performing Arts

• Designer and Director: Finlay Jenner
• Sound Design: Jack Coombes
• Photographer: Jack Cowls

Selected Works

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by Laura Lomas
Paul McCartney Auditorium

• Director: Alan Pearce
• Co-Set, Costume and Lighting Designers:
Finlay Jenner, Stan Peel-Evans, Frankie Mann
• Photographer: Andrew Ab


by Samuel Beckett
Speculative design for performance in the George Harrison Workshop

• Director: Chris Tomlinson
• Set and Costume Designer: Finlay Jenner

Great Britian

by Richard Bean
Paul McCartney Auditorium

• Director: Nick Bagnall
• Set Designer & Assostiate Director: Finlay Jenner
• Costume Designer: Tallulah Caskey
• Lighting Designer: Tom Taylor
• Photographer: Andrew Ab

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