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Anne Gry Skovdal


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"It was great to be a part of Linbury Prize, and inspiring to work with a professional director straight after graduation.

I went for a design bursary scheme at the National Theatre afterwards, where I gained a lot of useful experience, which I've used in my future career."

Anne Gry Skovdal, Designer

Anne Gry Skovdal is an award winning Production Designer working for Film, Tv and commercials. She graduated from Liverpool Institute for Performing arts in Theatre and Performance Design in 2011. After graduation she was a part of Linbury Prize at the National Theatre in London, and received Jocelyn Herbert award.

She`s been working in London for 6 years within the film industry and now she is based in Copenhagen where she is originally from. She has a long list of work behind her, she has been working with artist such as Mø and Alt J. She has been working with brands such as, Lego, Bang & Olufsen, Google. She has designed serval Tv series, such as Pulse,

In 2018 she received the prestigious True Award for her work on ALT J Music video.

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